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Wayne Fisher

Wayne Fisher

Wayne became involved as player right out of high school in 1967 and put together a young team that eventually challenged the likes of Iowa powerhouse teams such as Cedar Rapids Modern Piping/The Iowans, Cedar Rapids Collins Radio, Des Moines Bombers, Des Moines Reames Noodles, Clear Lake Buttertop and Sioux City Penn Corp.

 He was directly involved in bringing such international pitchers to Cedar Rapids teams as Loran Algar, Kevin Henderson, Rob Scheller, Jody Hennigar and Michael White during the late 70's and thru the 80's.

 Became an ISC Commissioner in 1987, the year Cedar Rapids Teleconnect, a team he was associated with, won the ISC World Championship in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Served as ISC Travel League (Midwest Softball Congress) Commissioner from 1987-2009. This travel league had as many as 16 teams at one time from eastern Iowa and western and central Illinois. Began serving as Commissioner of Iowa ISC Area Tournament upon retirement of Iowa ISC Commissioner Pat Sullivan in 2009.

 Served as ISC Developmental (Youth) Vice President from 1996-2009, conducting tournaments every year in Under 19 and 23 & Under age brackets for boys and young men. Many of the players who participated in these Developmental/Youth Fastball events later became key players in the ISC World Tournaments.

 Wayne served as ISC Vice President for the Central Region from 2005 - 2011. 

 Wayne worked 25 1/2 yrs for ACT, Inc, a large educational testing company in Iowa City, managing licensure and certification testing programs nationally and internationally in the business and health fields. He has a BA in Mathematics. an MS in Biostatistics and an MBA in Finance.  All 3-degrees are from the University of Iowa.

An interesting side bar to Wayne involves computers.  The ISC began emphasizing the value and use of computers in early 2000.  But Wayne didn’t immediately jump on board with the new technology which seemed strange to many knowing his educational accomplishments and the type of work he did at ACT.  When his former wife was asked about this apparent inconsistency, she explained that Wayne didn’t use or need a computer at work because he did everything in his head and from memory.  No wonder he has 2-Masters degrees and 1-Bachelors degree!


He retired from ACT at the end of 2010.  He was born and raised within 10 miles of Iowa City and has lived in IC since 1963 (50 yrs).


We congratulate Wayne on his well deserved induction into the International Softball Congress Hall of Fame and thank him for his invaluable contributions to the ISC and the sport for close to 30 years.

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