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Alan Colglazer


The word which best describes the character and the playing career of Alan Colglazier is longevity.  But longevity by itself hardly deserves the accolades which this world-class pitcher has garnered over the years.  Sheer quality; lots of outstanding achievements; a record of competing with, and against, the very best in the sport quickly come to mind in describing Alan’s career.

With a great, and early, start (he was bring’n it in men’s fastpitch action while still in high school) he put together a career that saw him compete in national or world tournaments 24 times from 1970 through 1998.  He recorded 30 victories in I.S.C. World Tourney competition and 19 in A.S.A. Nationals.

His Hall of Fame career included time on the mound for a virtual “Who’s Who” of world-class teams including such powers as Aurora Home Savings; Decatur ADM; Tulsa Firebirds; Turquoise Kings, Southern Truck Raiders, and Decatur A’s.

During his career Alan Colglazier was selected as an  ISC All-World or ASA All-American pitcher no fewer than seven times.

Two seasons which stand out in that brilliant career were 1980 when he led Aurora to the I.S.C. championship winning three games (including the final game); and racking up a perfect 0.00 ERA in a season that saw him go 41 – 7 with an ERA of 0.84, win a pair of games in the Olympic Festival and become the first pitcher to be named ISC All-World and ASA All-American in the same season.

The second of those highlight seasons had occurred in 1979 when, playing with Decatur ADM he racked up a similar 41 – 7 record with an ERA of 0.64.

Alan’s awards and achievements are so numerous - - over 350 trophies and plaques which he has long since donated to an industrial shop in Pueblo.  They added up fast as he was the MVP of most of the state or regional tournaments in which he participated and MVP of most of the travel leagues which he generally dominated.

His career achievements were recognized in 1994 when he was inducted into the International Softball Congress Hall of Fame.

The true test of an individual is not what they did but what they were able (and willing) to “give back”. 

Over the years Alan Colglazier has given back to the game of fastball in the form of clinics and camps in the U.S., Canada, Japan, and New Zealand.  He has coached girl’s softball at the high school and college level.  Over 40 years following his first appearance at a national or world tourney, he is still helping - - getting girls started in pitching as he coaches girl’s softball.

Ask him how he views his fastball career, and he will respond by thanking all who helped him develop his craft, with a special “thank you” to his brother, Sid, who spent hundreds of hours with him in their back yard.  He is also quick to credit the various pitchers from whom he learned as well as the teammates who supported him and helped make the game remain fun.

The achievements are so many; the memories are everywhere the game is played throughout the range of towns that were blessed with the talents, and the personality, of Hall of Famer ALAN COLGLAZIER.


BY Norm Colglazier and Gordon Wise


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