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Hall Of Fame Rules

ISC Hall of Fame Rules
Updated – August 2012
Members shall be elected in four categories: (1) Players; (2) Field Managers; (3) ISC Administrators/Umpires; and (4) Bob Welby Memorial, Recognition of Service Award.
  1. Player candidates must have demonstrated outstanding playing ability during their playing years in ISC Tournaments and ISC affiliated leagues, must have been inactive for at least five years or have reached their 45th birthday when nominated, must have played in at least five ISC World Tournaments and must have been named to the ISC All-World (ISC All-American) team in at least one of the following combinations: (A) two times to the first team, (B) four times to the second team or (C) one time to the first team and two times to the second team.
  2. Field Managers must have managed in at least ten ISC World Tournaments.
  3. ISC Administrator candidates must have at least 15 years of service with the ISC and must have demonstrated exemplary concern for the ISC and for the game of fast pitch softball. – Umpire candidates must have at least ten years of service at the ISC World Tournaments.
  4. The fourth category, (Bob Welby Memorial Recognition of Service) honors those who have contributed greatly of their energy and resources in the support of ISC fast pitch softball.
  • The ISC will consider a “last minute” induction for someone qualified but has a terminal illness and likely won’t live until the following year’s inductions. Such requests are to be sent to the Hall of Fame Committee Chairman.
  • Nominees not selected after 3 Board of Director votes, must be re-nominated to the ISC Hall of Fame Committee.
Nominations may be submitted by any interested party.
All nominations must come before and be recommended by the Hall of Fame Committee before being considered for election by the Board of Directors.
All nominations must be in writing and must be in the hands of the Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee before May 1 to be considered during that year. Nominations received after the deadline will be considered the following year.
The nomination should be in three parts: (A) the ISC Hall of Fame nomination form, (B) biographical information on the nominee and (C) documents and statistics in support of the nominee’s qualifications.
Election of new members will be made at the annual meeting of the ISC Board of Directors meetings.
The Hall of Fame Committee will submit not more than five nominees from each category for consideration at the annual meeting. No more than six new members will be elected each year. Three members can be elected into the player category. Only one member can be elected into  the Field Manager, ISC Administrator/Umpire and Bob Welby Memorial, Recognition of Service  Category each year.
If no nominations are made in any non-player category, Directors may elect an additional player(s) from the Player category.
New members will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the annual World Tournament the year following their election.
A plaque will be presented to each new member commemorating this membership in the ISC Hall of Fame.
Deceased Inductees: A plaque will be presented to the family of a deceased inductee with the option of family members to purchase a Cap, Shirt & ISC Hall of Fame Ring at their expense.

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