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Highlights - 1948


Oklahoma City, OK
September 10-19



Order of Finish (NSC)

Taft (CA) Merchants
Phoenix (AZ) Clark Smith Autos Lubbock (TX) Bluebonnet Laundry
Greeley (CO) Wheeler Realty
Toronto (ON) Levy Auto Parts
Oklahoma City (OK) Anderson Sporting Goods
Natick (MA) Cochituate Motors
Cincinnati (OH) Acme Glass
Pawhuska (OK) Drugstore Cowboys
Elmira (NY) All-Stars
Tulsa (OK) Grever Truck Lines
Oklahoma City (OK) Scott's Market

All American Team Pos. B/Avg
Johnny Burkhart-Merchants if
Bob Adams-Clark Smith Autos if
Delmar Wade-Anderson Sporting if
Norb Burkhardt-Acme Glass if
Roy Butler-Bluebonnet Laundry of
Lefty Bevington-Clark Smith Autos of
Goody Rosen-Levy Auto Parts of
Herman Hoff-Wheeler Realty ut
Vance Adams-Clark Smith Autos ut
Charles Morris-Merchants c
Willis James-Bluebonnet Laundry c

Pitchers W-L I/P H E/R S/0 B/B

Les Haney-Merchants 2-0
Kenny Law-Clark SmithAUtos 5-2 52 86
Pat Peeples-Merchants 2-0

Other Awards
Most Valuable Player-Kenny Law (P), Clark Smith Autos
Leading Pitcher- Les Haney, Merchants
Leading Hitter- Delmar Wade (3b), Anderson Sporting
Best Dressed Team- Bluebonnet Laundry
Team Sportsmanship- Wheeler Realty

ISC Executive Committee
President: no record
Exec.Secretary: Larry Walker
Regional VP's: no record

Kenny Law struck out 27 batters in a 15-inning game. Wes Priest (Taft) struck out 19 in a 7-inning game. Les Haney (Taft) threw a no-hitter against Cincinnati.
Kenny Law and Don Westfall combined to do the same vs Natick (MA).
In that game, Law went 4 innings & had one baserunner on his own error.
Westfall also had a baserunner through an error in the 6th inning. But in the 7th with 2 outs, Westfall intentionally walked the next batter so that 15 year-old Rollie Welchel (relief pitcher) could get a chance to bat. He grounded out.
Greeley (CO) who finished with a 2-2 record had 1-hit losses to both Kenny Law and Wes Priest. Clyde Woods (Anderson Sporting) also threw a 1-hitter against Greeley but lost, 1-0 ! Goody Rosen of Toronto (ex-Brooklyn Dodger) had 4 hits in one game and two triples in the same game.

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