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Highlights - 1950

Greeley, CO
September 2-11

Order of Finish (NSC)

Fresno (CA) Hoak Packers
Hanford (CA) Kings
Tulsa (OK) Grever Truck Lines
Greeley (CO) Wells Motors
Crane (TX) Gulf Oilers
El Paso (TX) Deal Motors
Bryan (OH) Eales
Rock Island (IL) Brandies Ogden (UT) Fisher-Hess Pontiac
Clinton (OK) Snow Jewelers
Phoenix (AZ) Double Seven
Denver (CO) Hast Lumber
Johnstown (CO) Juds
Milwaukee (WI) Marchese Bros.
Cheyenne (WY) Eagles
Gainesville (FL) Stoutamire Garage
Fort Wayne (IN) Horton Mfg.
Cochituate (MA) Motors

All American Team Pos. B/Avg
Leonard Francis-Hoak Packers if
Herman Hoff-Wells Motors if
Rusty Stewart-Gulf Oilers if
Bing Bingston-Hoak Packers if
Ray Maegher-Hoak Packers of
Bill Heard-Kings, Hanford of
Vance Adams-Deal Motors of
Jim Livingston-Grever Truck Lines ut
Ray Curtiss-Wells Motors ut
Whitey Becknell-Kings c
Hal Britton-Hoak Packers c

Pitchers W-L I/P H E/R S/0 B/B

LeRoy Zimmerman-Hoak Packers
Bill Buckley-Kings, Hanford
Les Haney-Hoak Packers
Note: At this time we do not have stats available for these players.

Other Awards

Most Valuable Player- Red Denham (P) Gulf Oilers
Leading Pitcher- LeRoy Zimmerman, Hoak Packers
Leading Hitter- Bill Heard, Hanford (.429)
Best Dressed Team- not known
Team Sportsmanship- not known Most Runs Batted In(6)-Carl Gettmaan, Greeley; John Wrazel, Milwaukee

ISC Executive Committee
Exec. Secretary-Larry Walker, Phoenix (AZ)
Tournament Director-Carrol Forbes, Greeley (CO)
This was the final NSC tournament held in Greeley (CO). The ISL was created in December, 1950 by Carrol Forbes and in 1951 the inaugural ISL tournament was held in Greeley (CO).
At this 1950 NSC tournament, Hoak Packers were unbeaten, winning 5 games, allowing 7 runs while scoring 16 runs. Their first 3 wins were by one run and the lone shutout they recorded was in the 3-0 final over Hanford Kings.
The first woman manager of an NSC world tournament team made her debut in this tournament. Mrs. Ruth Mohr took control of the Marchese team at mid-season and guided her club to the metro, district, and state championships to qualify for the world tournament. The team lost its final game on Red Denham's (Crane) no-hitter.

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