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Highlights - 1952

Plainview, TX
Aug. 24-Sept. 1

Order of Finish (ISL)

Fresno (CA) Hoak Packers Long Beach (CA) Nitehawks
Barbers Point (HI) Navy Pointers
Johnstown (CO) Wyoming Angus
Brownfield (TX) Primm Drug
Plainview (TX) Murrell Furniture
Coldwater (OH) A.F. of L.
Borger (TX) Phillips 66
Calgary (AB) Creamery Industry
Colidge (AZ) Boosters
Cranston (RI) Mancini Hardware
New Bedford (IL) Bollman Oilers
Greeley (CO) Clough Furniture
Clinton (OK) Snow Jewelry
El Paso (TX) Natural Gas
Ralls (TX) Farmer

All American Team Pos. B/Avg
Al "Cotti" Cutruzzula Hoak Packers 1b
Ed Heizenrader-Hoak Packers 2b
Cleo Goyette-Nitehawks 2b
Elmer Todd-Pointers ss
Don Montague-Pointers 3b
JamesAbbott-Murrell Furniture ut
Lou Novikoff-Nitehawks of
Phil Crage-Pointers of
Rip Sewell-Primm Drug of
Paul 'Scat' Harrah-A.F.of L. ut
Hal Britton-Hoak Packers c
Stan White-Nitehawks c

Pitchers W-L I/P H E/R S/0 B/B

LeRoy Zimmerman-Hoak Packers
Ted Carlsgaard-Nitehawks
Jack Randall-Nitehawks
Bill Horstmann-Hoak Packers
Note: At this time we do not have the stats for the above players.

Other Awards

MVP to his team-Ray Weber, Wyoming Angus
Leading Pitcher-LeRoy Zimmerman,Hoak Packers
Leading Hitter-Rip Sewell, Primm Drug
Best Dressed Team-Long Beach Nitehawks
Team Sportsmanship-Creamery Industry Supply Ltd.
Tournament Umpire Officials
UIC:Willard Townsend, Denver (CO)
Other Umpires:Sloan Fortenberry, Lubbock (TX)
Curtis Barrett, Lubbock (TX)

ISL Executive Committee
President: Rex Wilson, El Paso (TX)
Exec.Secretary: Carrol Forbes, Greeley (CO)
Treasurer: John R.P. Wheeler, Greeley (CO)
Regional VP's: William Snow, Clinton (OK)
M.C. Brunner, Calgary (AB)
Howard Phillips, Natick (MA)
O.R. Sappenfield, Ft. Wayne (IN)
Ralph Bumpass, Lubbokc (TX)

Ted Carlsgaard and Jack Randall of the Nitehawks individually had 16 strikeouts in 7-inning games during the tournament. Weldon Haney (Plainview), Ray Weber (Johnstown) and Phil Crage (Hawaii) each had a no-hitter during the 1952 ISL.
Lou Novikoff (Nitehawks) had 2 triples in the same game and 3 in the tournament.
Borger (TX) recorded 16 errors during the 1952 ISL Tournament.

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