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Highlights - 1953

Selma, CA
Aug. 31-Sept. 7

Order of Finish (ISL)

Long Beach(CA) Nitehawks
Tampico (IL) Merchants
Lorenzo (TX) Lions
Fresno (CA) Hoak Packers
Tulsa (OK) Berry Carter Plumbers
South Pacific, Navy Skyraiders
Hollywood (CA) Technicolor
Kenosha (WI) Blatz
Calgary (AB) Doodlebug
Barbers Point (HI) NAS Pointers
Phoenix (AZ) Wright Cooler Kings
New Bedford (IL) Elites
Windsor (CO) Legion
Massillon (OH) Army Navy Club
Johnstown (CO) Wyoming Angus
Clinton (OK) Snow Jewelers

All American Team Pos. B/Avg
Al "Cotti" Cutruzzula-Fresno 1b
Cleo Goyette-Long Beach 2b
Ed Heizenreader-Fresno 2b
Bill Doten-South Pacific 3b
Nick Guarascio-Kenosha ss
Charles Blackstone- Hawaii ss
Lyle Underwood-Phoenix ut
Joe Kipp-Tampico of
Al McCoy-Lorenzo of
Ray Meagher-Fresno of
Les Warden-Long Beach ut
Stan White-Long Beach c
Hal Britton-Fresno c

Pitchers W-L I/P H E/R S/0 B/B

Ted Carlsgaard- Long Beach
Les Haney-Long Beach
Roy Zimmerman-Fresno
Bryon Voigt-Tampico
Note: At this time we do not have the stats for the above players.

Other Awards

MVP to his team-Bryon Voigt, Tampico
Leading Pitcher-Ted Carlsgaard, Long Beach Leading Hitter(3 way tie with .500)-Al "Cotti" Cutruzzula, Fresno;
Cleo Goyette, Long Beach;
Bill Doten, South Pacific
Best Dressed Team-Wyoming Angus Ranch
Team Sportsmanship- Berry Carter Plumbers, Tulsa
Tournament Umpire Officials
UIC:Willard Townsend, Denver (CO)
Other Umpires: Lawless, Kelley, Tibbs, Perry

ISL Executive Committee
President: Rex Wilson, El Paso (TX)
Exec.Secretary: Carol Forbes, Greeley (CO)
Treasurer: John R.P. Wheeler, Greeley (CO)
Regional VP's: Ralph Bumpass, Lubbock (TX)
M.C. Brunner, Calgary (AB)
Howard Phillips, Natick (MA)
Dean Stonier, Kewanee (IL)

Lorenzo eliminated Hoak Packers (1-0) in 14 innings on a squeeze bunt, that scored
Weldon Haney from 3rd base. Ted Carlsgaard (Nitehawks) and LeRoy Zimmerman (Hoak) individually struck out 19 batters in a 7-inning game to set a new ISL record.
Les Haney (Nitehawks) threw 11 2/3 consecutive innings of no-hit ball.
There were four no-hitters thrown during the 1952 ISL by: Les Haney (LB), LeRoy Zimmerman (Fresno), Ted Carlsgaard (LB), and Al Gebhardt (Navy).
Larry Silvas (Nitehawks) knocked in 8 runs during the tournament.

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