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Highlights - 1954

Selma, CA
Aug. 28-Sept. 6

Order of Finish

Selma (CA) Hoak Packers
Dinuba (CA) Condors
Long Beach (CA) Nitehawks
Lorenzo (TX) Lyons
New Bedford (IL) Elites
Plattville (CO) Merchants
Ft.Madison (IA) VFW
Fresno (CA) Yerger Insurance Co.
Tulsa (OK) Douglas Aircraft Co.
Longmont (CO) Harsch Lumber Co.
Salt Lake City (UT) Toy of the Month Club
Covington (KY) Ingating
Arlington (TX) Mathes Coolers
Norristown (PA) Blocks
Cochituate (MA) Motors
Dayton (OH) National Cash Register

All American Team Pos. B/Avg
Bob McTeer-Dinuba 1b
Cleo Goyette-Long Beach 2b
Clint Herron-Long Beach 3b
James Abbot-Lorenzo 3b
Bruce Stone-Dinuba ss
Weldon Haney-Lorenzo ut
Ray Unruh-Dinuba ut
Ray Meagher-Hoak of
Les Ratzlaff-Dinuba of
Ted Fuchs-Hoak of
Abe Klassen-Dinuba of
Stan White-Long Beach c
Hal Britton-Hoak c

Pitchers W-L I/P H E/R S/0 B/B

Dana Exum-Dinuba
LeRoy Zimmerman-Hoak
Bryan Voigt-Dinuba
Note: At this time we do not have the stats for the above players.

Other Awards

MVP to his team-Paul Johnson, Dayton
Leading Pitcher-Dana Exum, Dinuba (3 wins)
Leading Hitter-Cleo Goyette, Long Beach (.500)
Best Dressed Team-National Cash Register Co., Dayton
Team Sportsmanship-Salt Lake City & Ft. Madison
Tournament Umpire Officials
UIC: W.W. Townsend, Denver (CO)
Other Umpires: Perry, Lawless, McGill, Tibbs

ISL Executive Committee
President: Rex Wilson, El Paso (TX)
Exec.Secretary: Carroll Forbes, Greeley (CO)
Treasurer: John R.P. Wheeler, Greeley (CO)
Regional VP's: Ralph Bumpass, Lubbock (TX)
M.C.Brunner, Calgary (AB)
Howard Phillips, Natick (MA)
Dean Stonier, Kewanee (IL)

During the tournament, pitcher Red Denham (Lorenzo) tied the ISL 7-inning game record with 19 strikeouts. Bryon Voigt of Dinuba struck out 21 batters in an 8 inning contest. Bill Boyer (New Bedford) had the only no-hitter of the tournament.
ISL Champion, Hoak Packers had a .298 batting average in their 5 games played.

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