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Highlights - 1980

Tempe, AZ
Aug. 15-24

Order of Finish

Aurora (IL) Home Savings
Phoenix (AZ) 7th Ave Auto Parts
Grimsby (ON) Peach Kings
Salt Lake City (UT) Larry Miller Toyota
Mankato (MN) Happy Chef
Santa Rosa (CA) Guanella Bros.
Bakersfield (CA) Dave Frye Plastering
Saginaw (MI) Bolters
Houston (TX) Westbrook Mfg
Long Beach (CA) Nitehawks
Phoenix (AZ) Southern Truck Raiders
Houston (TX) 45's
Idaho Falls (ID) Grayson Raiders
Johnstown (PA) Softball Club
Salt Lake City (UT) Plumbers Supply
St. James (MN) Band Box
Reno (NV) Toyota Knights
Bloomington (IL) Heart of America
Phoenix (AZ) Schaefer-Smith-Ankeney Ins.
Seattle (WA) Westside Federal S&L
Midland (MI) Valley Mechanical Contracting
Fort Worth (TX) Texas Kings
Newmarket (ON) Ray's Fastball Club
Rock Island (IL) Raiders
Red Deer (AB)
Pueblo (CO) Blue Lady
Cedar Rapids (IA) Eastside Maid-Rite
Des Moines (IA) Peter's Bombers
Appleton (WI) All-Car
Boulder (CO) Broker Inn
Tulsa (OK) Jack Schneider Firebirds
Norman (OK) Capitol Trailers
El Paso (TX) Sanders Boots
Denver (CO) Oilers
Fort Wayne (IN) Hawks
New Martinsville (WV) Witschey's
Clarks Mills (WI) Gin Mill
St.Louis (MO) Kutis Funeral Home
Hilo (HI) Fil-Americans

All-World -1st Team Pos. B/Avg. All-World
Darryl Day-Home Savings if .400
Don Bean-Houston 45's dh .455
Robin Voss-Home Savings c .412
Dan Banallick-Grimsby c .333
Tim Mazza-Bakersfield if .474
Larry Nolan-Nitehawks of .421
Jim Hunt-SLC LMT of .600
Gary Stahl-SLC LMT of .320
Fred Gonzales-7th Ave.Auto of .286
Ken Dey-SLC LMT if .381
Mike Madril-7th Ave.Auto if .240
Joe Nichols-SLC LMT if .417

All World -2ndTeam Pos. B/Avg

Terry Muck-Aurora if .263
Larry Foxton-Grimsby if .292
Scott Simons-LMT if .444
John Sawyer-D.F.P. if .400
Bill Pfeiffer-Aurora of .316
Jeff Pritchard-Aurora of .267
Bill Cameron-Johnstown of .500
Jim Marsh-Santa Rosa c .294

Pitchers-1st Team W-L I/P H E/R ERA S/0 B/B

Jay Bob Bickford-7th Ave Auto 4-1 39 16 1 0.18 29 5
Dick Brubaker-Home Savings 3-0 18 1/3 9 0.00 25 5
Alan Colglazier-Home Savings 3-0 20 2/3 8 0.00 26 4

Pitchers-2nd Team

Peter Landers-Grimsby 4-0 31 19 5 1.13 42 7
Vaughn Alvey-SLC LMT 4-2 36 1/3 27 6 1.16 44 18

Other Awards

Most Valuable Player-Jay Bob Bickford, 7th Ave.Auto
Outstanding Pitcher- Jay Bob Pickford. Phoenix (AZ)
Leading Hitter-Jim Hunt(.600) LMT Salt Lake City (UT)
Best Dressed Team-Houston 45's (TX)
Team Sportsmanship-Larry Miller Toyota, SLC (UT)
Most Runs Batted In(10)-Ken Dey(1b) LMT, SLC (UT)

World Tournament Umpires

Frank Porth-UIC; Bob Kramer, Paul Palidis, Dave Casso,
Bob Walsh, Vic Sullivan, Lowell Radcliff, Garyl Smith,
Russ Moore, Darrell Hudson, Watne Robers, Ken Ashley,
Jim Caruthers, Tom Brown, Steve Campbell, Dave Grant.

ISC Executive Committee

President: Dutch Elbers, St. Paul (MN)
Exec.Director: Carrol Forbes, Greeley (CO)
Treasurer & U-I-C: Frank Porth, El Paso (TX)
Secretary: Milt Stark, Anaheim Hills (CA)
Regional VP's: Phil Millett, Colorado Springs (CO)
Tulie Stansel, Deer Park (TX)
Pat Sulllivan, Dubuque (IA)
Pat O'Day, Hamilton (ON)

There were 3 ISC records tied during this ISC World Tournament: Rufus Solomon (Phoenix,STR) had 4 hits in one game; Denny Delorit (All-Car) hit 2 home runs during one game; Dennis Ferguson (Phoenix,SSA) hit 2 triples during a game. There was one perfect game pitched by Peter Brown of Bakersfield and one no-hit game thrown by Rod Jarvis of Johnstown. This win by Aurora Home Savings started an avalanche of "ASA teams" competing in the ISC World Tournament during the 1980's.

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