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Highlights - 1983

Bakersfield, California
Aug 12-21

Order of Finish

Lancaster (CA) Chameleons
St. Louis (MO) Budweiser Kings
Salt Lake City (UT) Miller Toyota
Calgary Alberta Dome Petroleum
Camarillo (CA) Kings
Madison (WI) The Farm Tavern
Pueblo (CO) Aztec Land
Bakersfield (CA) Ed Smith Welding
Elkhart (IN) Burcliff
Portland (OR) Ray Bristow
Tulsa (OK) Firebirds
Canby (OR) Gray’s Crane
Houston (TX) Stephen’s Utilities
Phoenix (AZ) B&D Supply
Livingston (CA) Kings
Lakewood (CA) Jets
Cedar Rapids (IA) Modern Piping
Phoenix (AZ) 7th Ave Auto Parts
Mankato (MN) Happy Chef
Bloomington (IL) Beer Nuts
Bakersfield (CA) Frye Plastering
New Martinsville (WV) Softball Club
Cedar Rapids (IA) Vigortone
Sioux City (IA) Penn Corp
Salt Lake City (UT) Page Brake
Ashland (OH) Merchants
Houston (TX) Nine
Worchester (MA) Interstate Battery
Green Bay (WI) Merry-O-Bar
Owen Sound (ON) King Farms
St. James (MN) James Gang
Joplin (MO) Beechwood Estates
Bedford (PA) Benco
Scottsbluff, NE, Western Travelers
Agincourt (ON) Rawlings
Albuquerque (NM) A’s
Idaho Falls (ID) Grayson Realty
Fort Worth (TX) MSG
Woodstock (IL) Softball Club
Oklahoma City (OK) Sports Ministries
Las Vegas (NV) Aces

All-World 1st Team – Team – Pos – BA
Eric Maiden – Lancaster C .286
Russ Michaels – Canby C .500
Richie King – Livingston IF .714
Chad "Corky" Corcoran – Camarillo IF .500
Ross Caputo – SLC (Miller) IF .304
Dale Westmoreland – Houston (Steph.) IF .500
Scott Morris – Lancaster IF .500
Glenn Harper – Lancaster OF .357
Floyd Lavergne – Camarillo OF .467
Tom White – Calgary OF .388
Jim Clark – Bakersfield (Smith) OF .357

All-World 2nd Team – Team – Pos – BA
Butch Duerden – Lakewood C .400
Brad Burrup – SLC (Miller) C .136
Jerry Hoffman – Lancaster IF .313
Bob Edwards – Portland IF .438
Gerry Dickey – Calgary IF .429
Dave Henry – Lakewood IF .417
Don Lawrence – Calgary IF .421
Steve Capps – Lakewood OF .308
Charlie Westbrook – Houston (Steph.) OF .294
Mike Strausser – Phoenix (B&D) OF .308
Larry Nolan – Camarillo OF .308
Mike Parnow – Livingston DH .357

All-World Pitchers 1st Team – Team – W-L ERA SO BB
Kevin Herlihy – Lancaster 7-1 0.26 72 5
Peter Finn – St. Louis 6-2 0.66 76 13
Jeff Boyce – Calgary 4-0 0.43 53 10

All-World Pitchers 2nd Team – Team - W-L ERA SO BB
Alan Colglazier – Pueblo 3-2 0.58 30 10
Jimmy Moore – Canby 3-1 0.27 30 2
Brendan Keehan – SLC (Miller) 3-0 0.00 28 3

Other Awards
Most Valuable Player – Glenn Harper – Lancaster CA
Most Outstanding Pitcher – Kevin Herlihy – Lancaster CA
Leading Hitter – Richie King – Livingston CA (.714)
Most Runs Batted In – Glenn Harper – Lancaster CA (6)
Team Sportsmanship – Pueblo (CO) Aztec Land
Best Dressed Team – Calgary Alberta Dome Petroleum

Keith Elder, Seattle WA; Margarita Bonales, El Paso TX; Jack Cruz, Bakersfield CA; Tom Boyd, Allentown PA; Lowell Radcliff, Mesa AZ; Bob Walsh, Bethlehelm PA; Lloyd Dickey, Bakersfield CA; Dave Casso, Mission Viejo CA; Jack Carousso, Huntington Beach CA; Jim Carruthers Phoenix AZ; Paul Paulidis, Hawthorne, NE;
John Endy, Coopersburg PA; Doug Nichols, Salt Lake City UT;

ISC Executive Committee
President: Ed Kirner, Montgomery IL
Exec. Director: Milt Stark Anaheim CA
Treasurer: Frank Porth El Paso TX
Regional VP’s: Russ Callahan, Western VP
Bob Welby, Southern VP
Pat Sullivan, Northern VP
Bob Walsh, Eastern VP
Lloyd Simpson, Canadian VP
Immediate Past Pres: Dutch Elbers, St. Paul MN


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