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Tips to Adjust the Settings on Your Windows Media Player.

Saturday, August 19, 2006
Suggestions to Optimize Streaming
Video / Audio Experience -
How to adjust the settings of your Windows Media Player
Make sure you have Windows Media Player v9.0 or higher (Windows madeia Player v10.0 is preferable)
Connect to the Video / Audio feed via the ISC Web site ( Select the link "View Live Streaming Video of ISC World Tournament". When the Windows Media Player opens make the following changes while waiting for the video and audio stream to begin:
    1. Open Windows Media Player and from the Menu Bar Select the "Tools" Menu
    2. From the "Tools" Menu select "Options"
    3. From the "Options" Page, select the "Performance" Tab
    4. On the "Performance" Tab make the following setting changes:
Connection Speed
Change from "Detect Connection" Settings (recommended) to "Choose Connection Speed". From the Drop Down Menu, select your connection speed. It should be the menu choice "DSL / Cable (768Kbps)" for high speed ADSL, or Cable Internet connections.
Network Buffering
Change the Network Buffering Setting from "Use Default Buffering (default)" to "Buffer 20 seconds of content". You may have to select a higher value depending on speed of your computer. Maximum setting is 60 seconds
Video Acceleration
Video Acceleration should be left at "Full"

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