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ISC Digital Guide Test

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The ISC is happy to announce a new concept, never used by us that it will be
implemented through August 2010 as a test and experiment.

The 2010 edition of the ISC World Championship Guide is now digitally
displayed at Click on the 2010 Guide cover, then click
on the Click Here link in the release.

This digital concept of ISC Guides may well be the future of ISC Guides
rather than the customary printed hard copy.

The digital concept was brought to us by Scott Standerfer and Tim Lyon of
Red Mat Media and they are providing this complimentary experiment through

Some information about Red Mat Media - Red Mat Media is a distinctive voice
in custom publishing bringing fresh ideas, innovative concepts and positive
messaging to customized print and digital communications. They work with
corporations, associations and non-profit organizations to help define and
deliver messaging, news and messaging to targeted audiences.

Some advantages of this digital concept are:
No printing or shipping costs involved in Guide distribution
Pages can be changed anytime rather than having to wait for the
next year's printed edition
All pages can be printed by the viewer.
Ads can be in color at no added cost to advertiser
Analytics on Guide "hits" can be captured and provided to ISC
and advertisers. The categories of analytics are too numerous to list.

The only disadvantage we find is that many of our "older" players and fans
who don't use computers will miss the annual print version.

In preparing the 2010 Guide, we contracted all graphics art work to Graphic
Arts students at South Central College in Mankato. These students did an
outstanding job for us and because it was a practical experience for them,
the ISC saved considerable money over previous years. We then continued
with Corporate Graphics in Mankato to handle the printing and initial
distribution shipments. Overall, the ISC saved about 50% of our 2009 Guide

We thank Red Mat Media for offering us this unique opportunity and look
forward to evaluating its impact over the next 2-months.

Ken Hackmeister

Download a Free Digital Edition of the 2010 ISC Guide by Red Mat Media  - Click Here

Download a Free Digital Edition of the 2011 ISC Guide by Red Mat Media    -  Click Here

2010 Guide Book Available in Hard Copy

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