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Tabloid from Historic 1981

Tabloid from Historic 1981 I. S. C. World Tournament Now Available on ISC Web Site


When Art Gillis was preparing to host the 1981 ISC World Tournament in Saginaw, Michigan, he set out to promote the event that he had brought to his hometown.


One of the devices that the enterprising Gillis used was production and distribution of a tabloid magazine, titled SOFTBALL WORLD.  This 20 page magazine was crammed with articles and photos featuring the teams and players who were to compete in that amazing  August 13 – 22 event in Saginaw.


That 1981 World Tournament, of course, was to feature the incredible 34-inning dual between Peter Finn (64 strikeouts) and Peter Meredith (42 K’s).  It also was the stage upon which Mark Smith burst as he led his Camirillo (CA) Kings to the first of their two world titles.  This tourney, now a distant 25-years ago, is considered by many fans of the ISC to be the premier world tournament in I.S.C. history.


A piece of this I.S.C. history classic is now available on the ISC website at



Gordon Wise - - ISC Information Officer

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