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I.S.C. Clarifies Out-Of-Area Pitcher Rule

I.S.C. Clarifies Out-Of-Area Pitcher Rule
The ISC Executive Committee, last weekend provided a clarification of a rule passed last
August by the Board of Directors.  The rule requires World Tournament teams having three or more Out of Area pitchers, to declare their two OOA World Tournament pitchers by August 1 and offering a release to the pitchers not named to their World Tournament roster.
Here is a clarification of that rule.
1.  The OOA pitchers in excess of two per team, must be offered a release but the pitcher has the option of staying with his season team even though he cannot pitch in the World Tournament.
2.  The declaration date is now changed from August 1 to June 15 and by June 30, the ISC Executive Director must be informed of any pitcher movement from team to team.  This is to allow the final team rankings to reflect any pitcher movement.  Failure to notify the ISC Executive Director by June 30 may result in the pitcher being declared ineligible for the World Tournament because the final team rankings may be distorted.
3.  If a pitcher is released on June 15, he may continue to play for his original team in ISC Travel League and Area Qualifying Tournament competition even if that competition is after June 15.  The pitcher would then go with a new team for the ISC World Tournament.
Any pitcher who does not request a release and remains with the original team he signed Out of Area with is still eligible to pitch ISC Qualifying Events after June 15th. However if he is not one of the two declared OOA pitchers declared by that team on June 15th, he is ineligible for the ISC World Tournament.
4.  Any pitchers changing teams are subject to applicable Out of Area fees in their new location even though the fee was paid by the original team for their location.
The overall intent of the rule is to provide World Tournament participation to all pitchers who want to participate.
If there are any questions about this or additional clarification is needed, please email ISC Executive Committee Chairman, Larry Fisher
May 3, 2006
Gordon Wise - - ISC Information Officer

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