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ISC-TV to be Launched at Kitchener World Tournament


In mid-August, the International Softball Congress will holds its 60th annual ISC World Championship for Men’s fastball club teams, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. As the “Grand-Daddy” of all softball tournaments held anywhere on the planet, the ISC will be celebrating this 2006 milestone in style.


Continuing the five year old tradition of streaming live audio to fastball fans around the world, the ISC will be taking a great leap forward at this year’s World Tournament. In continuing the commitment to providing live streaming media, the ISC has designed, tested, and  acquired, it’s own customized, 4 camera live wireless video production system, optimized for global webcasting of World Tournament action.


In partnership with streaming media services provider, the ISC will attempt to produce live, full-game streaming video coverage of 20 games from the 2006 ISC World Tournament. The Championship Game of the ISC II will also be webcast in live video lead by announcers Jim Flanagan and Blair Setford.


“In Kitchener, we will be ushering in an entirely new era for exposing the great sport of men’s fastball to a global audience”, said Dave Blackburn, the ISC’s Commissioner for Streaming and Broadcasting. “This innovative and affordable production system is both  powerful in it’s capabilities, and flexible in it’s design. Greg Panos of Sophistech Research did a magnificent job of sourcing out the components, and integrating the pieces of the puzzle into a working wireless webcast production system.”


The ISC will also be producing simultaneous “Audio Only” low bandwidth streams for those fastball fans who have only a dial-up connection to the internet. In order to see the videocast, viewers need only a broadband connection and the free Windows Media Player.


Although the Tournament begins on Friday Aug 11, that day will be reserved for setting up, testing, and practicing the live production system.


The schedule of games to be streamed in live video from the 2006 ISC World Tournament in Kitchener is:    



Saturday Aug 12        

3:00     PM      SoCAL Bombers Vs Innerkip

5:00     PM      County Materials Vs Czech Republic

8:00     PM      Hallman Twins Vs Vandalia Freight


Sunday August 13

5:00     PM      Game 21 - Winners Bracket

7:00     PM      Game 20 - Winners Bracket


Monday August 14

5:00     PM      Game 23 - Winners Bracket

7:00     PM      Game 24 - Winners Bracket


Tuesday August 15

5:00     PM      Game 57 - Winners Bracket

7:00     PM      Game 58 - Winners Bracket


Wednesday August 16

5:00     PM      Game 60 - Winners Bracket

7:00     PM      Game 59 - Winners Bracket


Thursday August 17

5:00     PM      Game 70 - Winners Bracket

7:00     PM      Game 69 - Winners Bracket

9:00     PM      Game 68 - Losers Bracket


Friday August 18

3:00     PM      Game 73 - Losers Bracket

7:00     PM      Game 74 - Winners Bracket Finals

9:00     PM      Game 75 - Losers Bracket 5th Place Game


Saturday August 19

12:00   PM      Game 76 - Losers Bracket 4th Place Game

2:00     PM      Game 77 - Losers Bracket Final - 3rd Place

4:00     PM      ISC World Tournament Championship Game


For the 6th consecutive year, Ron Chambers will do the Play-By-Play action of all the games.


As always, the viewers and listeners will be able to email the broadcast crew during the games. To view the games live, go to and click on the Sportsjuice link. Alternatively, you can go to to get the schedule.


Jim Flanagan’s Morning Briefing Blog at his popular FASTPITCHWEST web site, recently addressed the ISC’s bold new steps in

this realm of video streaming. His comments can be found online at:

July 30, 2006

From:  Gordon Wise - - ISC Information Officer



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