Monday, August 3, 2015
Individual Game Stats

Individual Game Stats - Box Scores

Also see the Highlighted Winning Team in each game on the Schedule and Results Page for the Box Score of each game

Friday, August 11
Game 4 Townline vs Keating Fitness
Game 2 Pueblo Bandits vs Jarvis Merchants
Game 9 Orillia Riversharks vs Denmark Dynamite
Game 3 Aspen Interiors at Bahamas

Saturday, August 12
Game 10 MinnDak Millers vs Planggers
Game 11 Heflin Gremlins vs Bloomington Stix
Game 14 Circle Tap vs Houston Aces
Game 12 Ashland MVD vs Vancouver Grey Sox
Game 6   Quad City Sox vs Midland Explorers
Game 5   Patsy's vs Dolan and Murphy
Game 13 SoCal Bombers vs Innerkip Eag;es
Game 15 Albaugh Inc vs CR Portland
Game 1   County Materials vs Czech Republic
Game 7   Kegal Black Knights vs Team Rainey
Game 8   Vandalia Freight vs Kitchener Twins

Sunday, August 13
Game 16
Ohsweken vs Farm Tavern
Game 18
Townline vs Aspen Interiors
Game 17  Pueblo vs County Materials
Game 22  Vancouver vs Heflin
Game 21  Orilla vs Millers
Game 19  Patsy's vs Quad City Sox
Game 20  Team Rainey vs Kitchener Hallman Twins

Monday, August 14
Game 25  Danish Dynamite vs Plangeers
Game 26  Bloomington Stix vs Ashland MVD
Game 27  Innerkip Eagles vs Houston Aces
Game 28 CR Portland vs Oshweken Red Men
Game 29 Czech Republic vs Jarvis Merchants
Game 30 Bahamas vs Keating Fitness
rain delay 3-8 pm
Game 31 Dolan & Murphy vs Midland Explorers
Game 32 Kegel Black Knights vs Vandalia Freight
Game 23 SoCal Bombers vs Circle Tap
Game 33 Planggers vs Ashland MVD
Game 24 Albaugh Inc vs The Farm Tavern
Game 34 Houston Aces vs Oshweken Red Men

Tuesday, August 15
Game 35  Jarvis Merchants vs Bahamas
Game 36 Midland Michigan vs Vandalia the Freight

Game 38 Bloomington Stix vs Townline
Game 37 Danish Dynamite vs Bloomington Stix
Game 40 CR Portland vs Kitchener Hallman Twins
Game 39 Innerkip Eagles vs Quad City Sox
Game 42 Keating Fitness vs Heflin Gremlins
Game 41 Czech Republic vs MinnDak Millers
Game 44 Kegal Black Knights vs Albaugh Inc.
Game 43 Dolan & Murphy vs SoCal Bombers
Game 57 County Materials vs Aspen Interiors
Game 45 Danish Dynamite vs Bloomington Stix
Game 58 Patsy's vs Team Rainey
Game 46 Quad City vs CR Portland
Game 47 Czech Republic vs Keating Fitness
Game 48 Dolan & Murphy vs Kegel Black Knights

Wednesday, August 16
Game 49 Ashland MVD vs Bloomington Stix
Game 50 Ohsweken Red Men vs Quad City
Game 51 Czech Republic vs Jarvis Merchants
Game 52 Midland Explorers vs Kegal Black Knights
Game 53 Pueblo Bandits vs Townline
Game 54 Innerkip Eagles vs Kitchener Hallman Twins
Game 60 Circle Tap vs The Farm
Game 55 MinnDak Millers vs Heflin Gremlins
Game 59 Orillia River Sharks vs Vancouver Grey Sox
Game 56 SoCal Bombers vs Albaugh Inc

Thursday, August 17
Game 62 Kitchener Hallman Twins vs Jarvis Merchants
Game 61 Townline vs Kegel Black Knights
Game 64 SoCal Bombers vs Bloomington Stix
Game 63 Heflin Gremlins vs Oshweken Red Men
Game 65 Kegel Black Knights vs Circle Tap
Game 66 Kitchener Hallman Twins vs Vancouver Grey Sox
Game 67 Heflin Gremlins vs Team Rainey
Game 70 Orillia River Sharks vs Farm Tavern
Game 69 County Materials vs Patsy's
Game 68 SoCal Bombers vs Aspen Internior Black Sox

Friday, August 18
Game 71 Kegal Black Knights vs Kitchener Hallman Twins
Game 72 Heflin Gremlins vs Aspen Interiors Saskatoon
Game 73 County Materials vs Kitchener Hallman Twins
Game 74 Patsy's vs Orillia River Sharks
Game 75 Aspen Interior Black Sox vs the Farm Tavern

Saturday, August 19
Game 76 The Farm Tavern vs County Materials
Game 77 County Materials vs Orillia River Sharks
Game 78 County Materials vs Patsy's  -  2006 World Champion County Materials!



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