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Jimmy Moore

Jimmy Moore

     Born in Medford Oregon in 1955. Lived in Butte Falls. Graduated from Butte Falls High School in 1973. Started playing fastpitch for the local Butte Falls team (Willow Lakers) in the Medford league that summer. I started pitching in 1977. Thank you Ron Sizemore for getting me started and teaching me. Around that time is when D & D Radiator started sponsoring us. In 1980, we won the Medford League Championship. It was the first time in many, many years that the title was won by someone other than the Malots Mudhens. I got in a motorcycle wreck a week before the State playoffs and did not pitch very well. We placed 4th and only 3 teams got to go to the Regionals. Consequently, I was picked up to pitch for Blitz (Medford team) in the Regionals in Billings Montana. We won and got to represent the Northwest in Lake Oswego N.Y. in the Class A National Tournament. We took 2nd and I was the MVP. That winter, I got offers to go play in the "Op en Division" for Clearwater Florida and Peterbilt Western from Seattle, Washington. I chose Seattle. What a great decision it turned out to be as I was personally able to accomplish way more in my career than my wildest dreams.  I moved to Seattle in February, 1981.

     We won ASA (Amateur Softball Association of America) Open National Championship in 1982, 85 & 86. We won the ISC (International Softball Congress) World Tournament in 1985, 86 & 90. I also played in and won many National Sports Festivals. I honestly don't remember how many Gold Medals there. In 1985, we won the Triple Crown of fastpitch softball. The ASA, ISC & Gold medal at the National Sports Festival. We were the first team to accomplish that feat. We turned around and did it again the following year. I was MVP in the ASA Nationals 3 times and an All-Star 4 times. I was MVP in the ISC 3 times and All-World 4 times. I still hold some records for both of those tournaments. I was inducted into the ISC Hall of Fame in 1996 and the ASA Hall of Fame in 2003. I am also a member of the Greater Seattle Softball Hall of Fame (2000). I was the US Olympic Committee softball player of the year twice. I retired from Major fastpitch in 1992. In 1995, I started up a 40 and over team from Seattle and played in and won the ASA 40 & over National Tournament in 1995, 96 & 97. MVP and All-American in all three.

     I reside in Everett, Washington and am the Northern Washington Regional Sales Manager for Oso Lumber in Arlington. My wife, Diana, and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in November (2007). We have two great kids. Jimmy (imagine that) 22 who is a Senior at Western Washington University and a daughter, Kari, who is a sophomore at Central Washington University.

     I would like to say thank you to all of our team sponsors over the years. As players, our dreams would not have had a chance for fulfillment if it were not for the sponsors. I also want to thank all of my teammates over the years for their support and confidence in me. I have met many good people in my career. A lot of really good people played (still do I am sure) this sport and I am thankful to have got to know many of them. Not just the players on my team but opposing players as well. It was an awful lot of fun lining up across the chalk line from some of the best people and the best players in the world. I do not want to mention names because I will omit someone who is deserving. I would however, like to thank Tommy Wagner for the opportunity and for passing on some his incredible amount of wisdom to me and also to Butch Batt for teaching a young, confident kid how to "pitch". I also want to send a special thanks to my friends and teammates in my e arly years. Most of them, I went to all twelve years of school with. They were all very instrumental in getting me started in the sport. They not only gave me an opportunity to pitch, they inspired me by their confidence in my potential. Those people would be all of the "Butte Falls Willow Lakers" and "D & D Radiator". I have been fortunate enough to see much of the world because of softball but Butte Falls, Oregon will always be my home.

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