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Sam Beavers



Written by his daughter Kim



The legend of one of Fast Pitch Softball’s greatest pitchers began in Chico, Texas in 1947.  Sam Beavers was in the eighth grade and his coach was looking for a pitcher.  At that time boys’ fast pitch was a University Interscholastic League (UIL) event.  Sam volunteered, said “I can do it”, and his legendary softball career began; one that spanned 4 decades.


Known as “Big Sam”, he was an iron man on the mound, often pitching six or more games during a weekend tournament. His scrapbook is nearly 2 feet thick including many memories, such as the year (1962) he achieved a single season record of 88 wins and only 8 losses. During the sixties and seventies, “Big Sam’s” overpowering fast ball and devastating rise earned him the respect of hitters throughout the state of Texas and at both the ISC and ASA tournaments. Off the field he gained a reputation as one of softball’s finest gentlemen. 


At the time of his induction into the ISC Hall of Fame in 1985, this “Mountain of a Man” was one of only sixteen pitchers to pitch two or more no-hit games in World Tournament play. One of those no-hitters was a perfect game in 1970; the sixth perfect game in World Tournament history. His second no-hitter came in 1975, when he led Fort Worth to a third place finish and was named to the All-World team.  


Sam played over 1500 games for 12 different teams in T.A.A.F., ASA and ISC from 1962 to 1985.  In T.A.A.F. competition he participated in 14 T.A.A.F. State Championships. His teams won 10 T.A.A.F. State Championship Titles. During a seven year span, his teams won 5 State Championships, placed 2nd once and finished 3rd once. He was named to the T.A.A.F. All State Team 7 times; and was twice named Most Valuable Player. His pitches have been clocked at over 108 mph.


In ASA Competition he participated in

  • 5 ASA State Championships
  • 5 ASA Regional Championships
  • Selected ASA All State Pitcher – 1962
  • Selected ASA All American Second team – 1967
  • Participant in ASA All star Game – 1968
  • Pitched 19 out of 28 innings in a marathon during ASA Regional Tournament in San Antonio - 1965

In ISC Competition:

  • Participant in 11 ISC World Tournaments
  • Pitched perfect game in the ISC World Tournament in Kerman, CA – 1970
  • Pitched no-hitter ISC World Tournament in Kimberly, WI – 1975
  • Selected ISC All-American First Team – Kimberly, WI – 1975
  • Inducted into the ISC Hall of Fame in Kimberly, WI – 1985



Sam has played over 1500 games for twelve (12) different teams, not counting Chico High School.  Some of the teams are:

·        Reilley’s Rebels of Refugio

·        Ideco of Beaumont

·        Holts Sporting Goods of Wichita Falls

·        Weigand Engineering of Fort Worth

·        Tarrant Glass of Fort Worth

·        McGregor Produce of Wichita Falls

·        General Electric of Dallas

·        Texas Instruments of Dallas

·        Meadowbrook Methodist of Fort Worth


The Tournaments and awards he remembers most include:

·        1962 – Selected to first team “All State Team” while with Holt Sporting Goods

·        1962 – Wichita Falls Invitational, the team went on field at 1:30 in the afternoon and played every game until break at 7 am the next morning.  Sam pitched a total of 88 innings over 33 hours during this tournament.

·        1965 – Sam and Buddy Holmstrom of Austin hooked up in a 28 inning marathon at an ASA Regional Tournament in San Antonio.

·        1966 & 1967 – Texas Instruments (TI of Dallas) won back to back T.A.A.F. Championships with Beavers and Massey sharing pitching duties

·        1967 – Named to “All-American second teams at the ASA Nationals

·        1967 – Threw a no-hitter in the finals of Wichita Falls Tournament and named “Best Pitcher” of Tournament

·        Chosen to play in ASA All-Star Game

·        1969 & 1970 – Sam hurled GE of Dallas to consecutive T.A.A.F. State Championships and, as the only pitcher on the GE team, was named to the All State Team and “Most Valuable Player” in 1969.

·        1970 – Threw a no-hitter against Houston in the International Softball Congress Tournament, striking out 17

·        1975 – Named to the ISC “All-American Team” (Tarrant Glass)

·        1980 – Pitched Tarrant Glass to T.A.A.F. State Championship, Sam was undefeated going 5-0 in this tournament at age 46.During a seven year span, pitched Weigand/Tarrant Glass to five(5) T.A.A.F. Championships, placed second one and finished third the other.

·        Most Valuable Pitcher of Wichita Falls Invitational Tournaments 20 years (1962-1982)

·        Inducted into the TAAF Hall of Fame on January 27, 1994



Sam and his wife Shirley have 3 children, Debra, Kim and Sam, III. We, as a family, attended most of the games and tournaments, missing very few. Growing up at the ballpark and watching Daddy play are truly some of the fondest memories of my life. It was always a thrill to be summoned to the dugout by Daddy and asked to bring him a candy bar or a cold drink. I always was and always will be extremely proud of my father, the Gentleman and the Giant.


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