Sunday, July 5, 2015
Dutch Ausmus

By: Dude Ausmus

Dutch was a person I always looked up to because he was Big Brother. You learn a lot by watching and listening. His actions on the sports field were always heady because he was always thinking a play ahead.

Because of the size Dutch was, other teams didn't think Dutch, playing second base could cover first base on the sacrifice bunt. But Dutch was really agile for his size. If the batter was in a bunt situation, Dutch was there everytime to take the throw for the out. As we call it, "Dutch had good feet" and smooth moves around the infield. He was always quiet off the field, but made a great impact of hustle and desire to win on the field.

Playing defense in Fast Pitch Softball in the ISC World Tournaments were very important to team play, but Dutch was also a very good hitter. He hit with power. He could pull the ball to the left or hit a Home Run. Dutch always seemed to come through with a big play at second base or get a hit when the team needed it. Dutch was a great team player.

I was really thrilled for Dutch when he was inducted into the ISC Hall of Fame in 1989. It's'a great feeling and honor for him to be recognized for his leadership, poise, and abilities in softball and in life.

I think we are the only two brothers in the ISC Hall of Fame.

To reminiscence of the good old days, this one game we were playing in the StateTourney in Tulsa. Dutch went 3 for 4 at bat that game against a really good pitcher. He had 2 home runs and a triple. After the triple, this great pitcher walks over to third base and tells Dutch that the next time he's at bat that he is going to throw the rosin bag to him.

Dutch is very honored to have played with great teams and players in Oklahoma. He enjoyed the competition of teams from all parts of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. To meet people from all walks of life and have friends everywhere means a lot to him.

Thanks Brother for the great times we have had together playing the greatest game going, ISC Fast Pitch Softball!

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