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Bill Boyer

Bill Boyer - Sumner, Washington
(Nomination submitted by Gale Kurtz, Sioux City, Iowa)

Born - October 6, 1960, Renton Washington

While attending Auburn, WA High School, Bill was a three-sport athlete, including basketball, and all-league honors in football ('78) and baseball ('77 & '78). However, following in the spike-paths of his father, a 20- year veteran of softball renown, it was competitive softball at its highest level that got Bill's undivided attention.

Following 1979 as an eighteen year old with Ski Tavern of Tacoma, WA, Bill later patrolled outfields for teams in Washington (Colonial Cedar 1980-82 and Pay-n-Pak 1983-88). In 1989, he landed in Sioux City, IA, with Penn Corp (1989-91), National Health Care Discount (1992-93) and Gateway 2000 Soos (1994-95).

Bill embraces the speed of fastpitch softball, and confirms that at the top level, the quality of pitching, the speed and pace of the defense, and power of the hitters results in little room for error.

He competed in 1988, '92 and '96 ISF Championships as part of the US National Team.
In ISC play, Bill's teams had a remarkable nine top-three finishes, including five ISC Championships between 1985 and 1992. In four of those years Bill was an ISC First Team All-World, including a tournament record 6 stolen bases in 1991.

Bill remembers leaving the field at Currie Stadium in Midland,MI in 1996 at the world ISF Championships. He had made a decision that toyed with his emotions - and he hung up the spikes for the last time following Team USA's 4th place finish. His much-too-early retirement at age 35, occurred when arguably, he was at the peak of his game. As a first All World outfielder in 1995, it appeared that his skills had not diminished.

Bill cites an array of memorable fastpitch personnel, including opponents Ted Hicks, Brian Rotyhcrock and Denny Place from Decatur; Peter Brown, Mike Parnow and Mitch Munthe from Quanellea Brothers, and dominant hurlers that included legendary Peter Meredith (recently retired) and the "forever young" moundsmen Michael White and Darren Zack.

Managers that influenced Bill and contributed to his personal and teams' successes include Tom Wagner, (Pay-n-Pak '83-'88); Russ Boice and Gale Kurtz (Sioux City '89-'92) and John Ege (Sioux City '93-'95).

Bill exudes humility and class, by praising his team-mates for their contributions to his own accomplishments. He stated that "I was very fortunate to pay with some of the greatest players of our era. I understand any hall-of-fame player doesn't get there on merit alone. It takes great team-mates that together achieve lofty results. Only then do individual honors follow."

Bill is remembered for his robust style, defensively patrolling the outfield, or displaying "winged spikes" on the base-paths. Nicknamed "The Whip", he responded best at the
most competitive levels of the game. He was recognized as the National Player of the Year on three occasions - 1989, 90 and 1992. In Seattle, he was the 1996 recipient of the Inspirational Chapman Award and inducted in 2002 to the Greater Seattle Softball Hall of Fame.

Bill is currently resides in Sumner, WA, as owner of Pacific Coast Door and Moulding, with wife Bonnie, and daughter Casey (21) and sons Billy (19) and Bradley (16).

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