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Art Cashion

A Tribute to Art Cashion

Art Cashion announced in the winter of 2003 that he would be stepping down as ISC Historian. Unfortunately the deadline for submitting the 2003 ISC Guide to the printer was about the same time and too late for this announcement to be made public.

However, the ISC would like to inform its fans and readers of the important contributions made by Art Cashion first as the ISC Statistician (1978-94) and than as the official ISC historian (1995-2003). Art did perform the duties of an ISC Historian during his years as our statistician but without the acknowledgement.

Art Cashion who resides in Ft Worth, TX was the statistician for the Tarrant Glass fastpitch softball team from Ft Worth during the 1970’s. Although he was not a member of the ISC at that time his outstanding work as a statistician did not go unnoticed by ISC officials.

Former Southern V-P, Tulie Stansel and current ISC Hall of Fame Chair, Royce Heath were Texas Commissioners at the time and took notice of the exceptional work Cashion was doing for his team. When ISC Executive Director, Carrol Forbes made known his desire to have someone permanent to handle these duties, both Commissioners Stansel and Heath put Art Cashion’s name forward as the logical person to take on the ISC statistician job. Art began his duties in 1978.

Much of the work that Art Cashion performed for the ISC from 1978 and through the 1980’s was done without a computer or software programs which would have made the task much easier. One can only imagine the countless hours Art spent checking and rechecking the various scorekeepers game sheets.

A “highlight” of Art’s duties as ISC Statistician would have to be the evening and morning of the famous 34-inning game at the 1981 ISC World Tournament. Art’s day began early Tuesday well before the first pitch of the day at 8 am. After the 34-inning game was completed and the scorer went home, Art scored the next three games, finishing up just prior to the 8:00 am session the following morning!

Art Cashion wrote an article, A Game To Be Remembered, covering this game. This article reveals all the important details from this momentous game and can be found on page ____in this 2004 ISC Guide Book.

After the 1994 ISC World Tournament in Summerside, PEI, Art decided to step aside as ISC Statistician and take on the duties as official ISC Historian.

Much of the history that is shown in the ISC Guidebooks is the work of Art Cashion.

The records prior to 1978 were researched by Art for errors of omission, or incorrect information. Much of the pitching, hitting, and fielding stats were all painstakingly reviewed by Art during this period of time.

If the information was not in the ISC records, Art would visit his library and tell them what was required from a specific paper in a city that had hosted an ISC World Tournament.

It might take some months before Art would get his hands on microfiche which he then had to copy. As a result of this dedication, many of these records are now in the annual ISC Guide Book and are a most important part of our ISC History.

Art, on behalf of the entire International Softball Congress, thank you for your outstanding service during your tenure with us. You have helped make the ISC a better organization.

Best wishes and good luck, Art.

Ken Hackmeister
Executive Director

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