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Looking Back

Looking Back.........
By Art Cashion, ISC Historian

At the 1977 World Tournament in Phoenix, Arizona, Alan Coglazier, pitching for the Southern Truck Raiders of Phoenix, defeated the Albuquerque, New Mexico, Roadrunners, 3-1. In the first inning of that game, he faced six batters. The fifth man got a base hit. Colglazier struck out the other five.

The 1948 Levy Auto Parts team from Toronto, Ontario, played without gloves. Could that have been a factor in their making thirteen errors in three games?

The 1981 tournament in Saginaw, Michigan, is best remembered for the 34-inning game between Madison, Wisconsin, and Midland, Michigan. There's another thing about that year and it defies explanation.

In 1981, a total of thirteen home runs were registered. That's thirteen homers in 80 games. An extremely low total, when you consider that the usual total for that many games is 40 or more.

No individual player hit more than one and only one team chalked up two - the Oklahoma Stars.

Which means that just 12 of the 41 teams hit a home run.

Art Cashion's All-Time ISC Roster

If you were filling out a World Tournament roster and you could pick from all the men who have ever played in an ISC World Tournament, who would you choose?

Before answering that question I decided on the following format - four pitchers, two catchers, a first baseman, a second baseman, a third baseman, a shortstop, three outfielders and five additional players to fill out my 18 man roster. I didn't name a Designated Hitter because an of these players not starting defensively would be an excellent DH.

These are my personal picks and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of other ISC officials. What would your roster look like?

P - Leroy Zimmerman (1950 - 1963)
P - Pete Meredith (1980 - Active)
P - Ty Stofflet (1964 - 1992)
P - Dick Brubaker (1958 - 1984)

C - Stan White (1951 - 1963)
C - Tim Wahl (1987 - Active)

1B - Larry Silvas (1953 - 1963)
2B - Cleo Goyette (1952 - 1966)
3B - Clint Herron (1951 - 1969)
SS - Chad Corcoran (1981 - 1988)
OF - Paul Humiston (1954 - 1971)
OF - Bill Boyer (1985 - Active)
OF - Gary Dobereiner (1962 - 1968)

C/IF - Mark Sorenson (1987 - Active)
IF - Marty Kernaghan (1984 - 1995)
OF - Jim Aversing (1954 - 1966)
OF - Dude Ausmus (1955 - 1971)
OF/P - Clyde Woods (1947 - 1957)

MGR - Joe Rogers (1951 - 1965)

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