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Approved Bats for ISC Competition

Friday, January 18, 2008
Approved Bats for ISC Competition
Because of the number of International teams competing in the ISC World Tournament the ISC will continue to use the certified bat list provided by the International Softball Federation (ISF). This list can be viewed on the ISF web site Click on Rules and Standards and then on certified bats
The ISF have determined and published notice that August 31, 2008 will mark the end of the period during which bats that complied with the previous ISF Bat Performance Factor (BPF 1.20) shall be permitted to be used in ISF play and the new BBS (Batted Ball Speed) will be the only standard that is official.  This test is similar to the test being used by the ASA. The one difference is in the speed of the ball.  There is also a difference between the ISF and ASA in how bats get on their respective lists. The ASA does the testing of bats for their list. (
The ISF requires manufacturers who wish to have their bat listed to supply test result that show that their bats meet the standards set.
The ASA has a banned bat list. The ISF has a certified bat list.
We mention this now so anyone considering a new bat purchase for the 2008 season may want to check their choice with the ASA and the ISF lists first to eliminate the possibility of a bat purchased for 2008 may be non-approved for 2009.
Softball Canada uses the ASA banned bat list.
As a related reminder, by book rule, any player found to be using an altered bat will be ejected from the game and the balance of the tournament.
Bruce Bierman
ISC Umpire-in-Chief



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