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ISC/ASA Pitcher Development Program

Monday, March 10, 2008
With the 2008 season just around the corner, we want to remind everyone about the ISC/ASA Pitcher Development Program that began last year. To date, the program has 38 pitchers who have taken advantage of the free instruction that is being offered by the ISC and ASA Pitching instructors Gary Mullican and Michael White are available to assist any American male, age 30 or younger, who is interested in either learning to pitch or developing their current skills.
            All instruction is done through the submission of DVD videos that are then reviewed by one of the two instructors. The instructor will then return a detailed analysis along with suggested adjustments that need to be made and drills that can be done to improve the necessary skills. Videos may be submitted every 30 days and all costs except for the mailing of the video are covered through a joint effort between the ASA and the ISC.
            There is no minimum age limit, the youngest pitcher currently involved in the program is 9 years old and well over half of those involved are under age 18. Skill level is also not a requirement; anyone who is interested in pitching is encouraged to join the program. If you have a son, nephew, friend, etc. who might have an interest or just have questions about the program, please contact Scott Standerfer, program administrator, at and more information will be provided.
            Again, the only stipulations for involvement in the program are being a male resident of the United States and 30 years old or younger. We encourage everyone who’s interested to take advantage of this offer as we continue to try to develop the pitching that will keep our game going well into the future.
            Canadian pitcher prospects should contact Don Bates and/or Mark Smith for information about the Softball Canada Pitcher Development Program.
Scott Standerfer
Pitcher Development Administrator

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