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Tips for Improving Video Performance on ISCTV Network

Saturday, August 19, 2006
Here is an update for those people viewing the streaming video coverage of ISC TV at
Chris Wettlaufer, the Network Systems Specialist of Information Technology for the City of Kitchener, has helped us discover an important tip for improving the streaming video performance in the Windows Media Player.
Click the "Start Button."
Double click the "System Icon" within the "Control Panel" Window.
Single Click on the "Advanced Tab" at the top of the "System Properties" Window.
In the "Performance" area of the "Advanced" Tab, single click on the "Settings" button.  
The "Performance Options" Window will pop up.
Select the "Advanced" Tab in the "Performance Oprions" Windows.
In the "Virtual Memory" area of the "Performance Options" Window, click on the "Change" button,
Make sure that the Circle for the "Custom Size" area is selected. Change the value of the number in the Initial Size Field to match the number in the Maximum Size Field. 
Click the "Set" Button, and then click "OK" on any open windows.
Adjusting this "Virtual Memory" setting should go a long way towards mitigating the problems of buffering and lock-up.
Hopefully this will help improve your ISC TV viewing experience.

Dave Blackburn
ISC Commissioner
Streaming and Broadcasting

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