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ISC TV Archives now available for on-demand viewing

Thursday, August 21, 2008
ISC TV Archives now available for on-demand viewing
A trenching operation cut through a critical AT&T T-1 FeederCable in Kimberly last week, which severely hampered ISC TV’s access to theappropriate bandwidth required for streaming live video from the Sunset Park PressBox. During the first 5 days of the ISC World Tournament, the live streamingwas very problematic. It was very frustrating that the problem, and thesolution, were completely out of the control of our ISC TV operation. Thefeeder cable was repaired sometime on Friday Aug 15, and the final two days of ISCTV live streaming, went quite smoothly. Viewers who weren’t alreadyalienated, enjoyed those final 6 – 8 games, as the tournament wound downto the Championship Game on Saturday evening.  
There are now over 50 hours of the 23 game videos from the ISCTV coverage of the 2008 World Tournament archived on the / ISCpage. These games are now available for viewing, on demand, for the next year. Witha high speed Internet connection, the games can be viewed throughout the world.Other than an initial 10 seconds of buffering when the game is initially selected,the videos should play without any delays or buffering that plagued the first 5days of our live broadcasts.  
Follow the Kitchener Rivershark Twins march to the 2008 ISCWorld Championship by going to:
Click on the archive window’s down arrow, and selectthe game(s) of your choice, for on-demand viewing.
Hopefully there won’t be any trenches dug in the QuadCities during August of 2009.
Dave Blackburn
ISC Commissioner
Streaming and Broadcasting

Direct Links of the Video Archives
Game 5 Circle Tap Vs Pueblo Bandits
Game 9 Patsy’s Vs A and L Farms
Game 22 Saskatoon Diamondbacks Vs Stone Yard
Game 23 AshlandMets Vs Bar of Green Bay
Game 33 Circle Tap Vs Vancouver Grey Sox
Game 35 Team Rainey Vs The Farm Tavern
Game 45 Midwest Stampede Vs Kitchener Rivershark Twins
Game 47 Patsy’s of New York City VsSoCal A1 Bombers
Game 49 Vancouver Grey Sox Vs The Farm Tavern
Game 51 Saskatoon Aspen Interiors Vs Jarvis Gamblers
Game 59 MinnDak Vs Thomson Area Merchants
Game 61 Broken Bow Gremlins Vs Kegel BlackKnights
Game 64 ScarboroughWolverines Vs The Bar of Appleton
Game 66 SoCal A1 Bombers Vs Townline
Game 70 Horse LakeThunder Vs Jarvis Gamblers
Game 71 Patsy’s of New York City VsKitchener Rivershark Twins
Game 72 The Farm Tavern Vs Saskatoon Aspen Interiors
Game 73 Patsy’s of New York City VsSoCal A1 Bombers
Game 74 Jarvis Gamblers Vs The Farm Tavern
Game 75 SaskatoonAspen Interiors Vs KitchenerRivershark Twins
Game 76 Patsy’s of New York City VsThe Farm Tavern
Game 77 Saskatoon Aspen Interiors Vs The Farm Tavern
Game 78 2008 ISC World Championship Game
Saskatoon Aspen Interiors Vs Kitchener Rivershark Twins

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