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ISC Bat Buying Guide for 2009

Friday, August 22, 2008
ISC Bat Buying Guide for 2009
As many know, the ISC uses the International Softball Federation (ISF) certified bat list and we will continue using it in 2009.
Effective August 31, 2008 the former BTF factor of 1.20 is being abandoned in favor of the ASTM high speed batted ball test.   As the name implies, the new testing standard measures batted ball speed (BBS). Both ISF and ASA have adopted this new standard for testing bats.
The question that is being asked concerns purchasing a bat this fall for 2009 and how to be assured the new bat will be deemed legal in the 2009 season. Many “end of season” bat sales have already begun.
Our suggestions are as follows:
1.      Get assurance from the retailer that if a bat purchased this fall or winter is deemed illegal by ISF for 2009, you will be able to return it for a refund or exchange it for another bat this is legal.
2.      Make sure a newly purchased bat shows both the ISF 2005 certification sticker and the ASA 2004 approval mark.
3.      Ask if the bat being considered has been tested and approved under the new BBS test. ASA says that any bat with “ASA 2004” sticker meets the new testing standard unless the bat is on the non-approved list.
Both ISF and ASA will be using identical tests with the only difference being the allowed BBS.   ASA will use 98 mph while ISF will adopt a 100 mph maximum.
When more information becomes available, we will pass it on with a release.
Ken Hackmeister
ISC Executive Director

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