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2008 WT Game Summaries moved to one page

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Al's Game Summaries have been moved.

These games were originally posted in real time on the ISC website during the 2008 World Tournament in Kimberly, WI. They were posted in the news section on the front page of the ISC site and could also be found on the news summary page at these items were also available via RSS feed.
The individual items will be moved off of the news site soon after this summary is posted to the 2008 site.

Note: more detailed stats, the official stats, are included in the master schedule and results at
Click on the Winning Team Name to get the Stats for that game.
Yes, these game reports are unofficial and the comments are those of the author.  Special thanks to Bret Baughman, the Assistant ISC Statistician who provided me with all the results via yahoo chat from the Upper Diamond which is a great distance from the lower or main diamond here in Kimberly.  AD

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