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ISC PRAWN Clarification

Friday, September 26, 2008
A situation recently developed requiring the ISC Executive Committee to approve a slight change in our PRAWN restrictions.
PRAWN restrictions are shown on page 146 of the 2008 ISC World Championship Guide and on the ISC web site  There is a front page link to the PRAWN Restrictions document.
The change involves the scenario when a team loses its only PRAWN pitcher and whether or not they can replace the pitcher with another PRAWN pitcher even if their total PRAWN count is at 6 or higher.  Our previous wording was contradictory where one paragraph allowed it and a subsequent paragraph disallowed it.
By unanimous approval of the Executive Committee, the PRAWN replacement may be made in this type of situation.  This change also expresses the original intent of the rule when it was first developed by the ISC Player Rep Committee.
The new wording states:  No team may add a PRAWN to their roster until their total PRAWN count falls below 6 except when a team loses its only PRAWN pitcher they may add a replacement PRAWN pitcher, regardless of their total PRAWN count.
This wording change now appears on our web site and will be incoporated into the PRAWN rule when the 2009 Guide is published in the spring.
Ken Hackmeister
ISC Executive Director

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