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2009 News Archive

ISC Reorganizes Streaming Operations

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

By unanimous vote of the ISC Executive Committee, our ISC Streaming
operations for both ISC World Tournament and ISC II Tournament of Champions,
are being reorganized effective with our 2009 tournaments. The significant
changes include:

.. Central management of both areas of Streaming (World Tournament and

.. Dave Blackburn becomes Executive Producer and becomes responsible
for all technical aspects of Streaming

.. Jim Flanagan and Blair Setford become co-Program Directors and have
responsibility for the announcers, color commentators, scheduling games for
Streaming and co-responsibility with Dave Blackburn for generating
sufficient revenue from all Streaming operations to make them financially

.. Utilizing a pool of both play by play and color broadcasters who can
and will rotate between World Tournament and ISC II games eliminating the
consecutive games current broadcasters have had to do.

.. Jim Flanagan, Blair Setford, Kyle Smith and Lance Winn become the
pool of play by play broadcasters. Color commentators will be selected by
co-Program Directors Jim Flanagan and Blair Setford and will come from an
experienced group of managers, coaches and players in both WT and II based
on their availability during the tournaments,

It is felt these changes will provide our viewers and listeners with a more
professional operation and at the same time, use the central management to
generate the revenue necessary to make all Streaming self sustaining.

Ken Hackmeister
Executive Director

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