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County Materials Fast-pitch Softball Team Reaches Finale

Saturday, September 2, 2006

County Materials Fast-pitch Softball Team Reaches Finale


County Materials Fast-pitch Softball Team Reaches Finale


MARATHON - County Materials announces that, after capturing back-to-back World Championships this month in Kitchener, Ontario, their fast-pitch softball operations will come to a close.


In the last four years, the CountyMaterials’ fast-pitch team has compiled a win-loss record of 153-15, played in four consecutive International Softball Congress (ISC) final games, and captured ISC titles in each of the last two years. During the past three years, the team has played in 21 of the top tournaments in the world and walked away with 18 tournament titles.


The County Materials’ fast-pitch managers and coaching staff thanks all of the players who have worn the County uniform over the past 21 years, along with the wives and families who sacrificed a lot so their husbands and fathers could play softball all over North America.


The team also thanks Ken Hackmeister and the ISC for putting on the best men’s fast-pitch softball tournament in the world. Their efforts are second to none in the promotion of the sport.



Scott Standerfer

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