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2006 News Archive

ISC Changes for 2007

Monday, September 4, 2006
The following were approved by the ISC Board of Directors in Kitchener.
1.  Teams will again be allowed 2 PRAWN pitchers in 2007 and future years.  The full 2007 PRAWN list is now displayed on the ISC web site.
2.  Hall of Fame eligibility requirements for players, were changed to require player participation in at least 5 ISC World Tournaments and that the player had to be named to the All World Team in any of the following combinations:

(A) two times to the first team or,

(B) four times to the second team or,

(C) one time to the first team and two times to the second team.


Previously, a player was required to have been named only once to either All World Team and there was no minimum number of ISC World Tournaments required.


3.  Players  who participate in ISC play in the current year and are not rostered with a team entering the World Tournament may be added by any team, after July 15, entering the World Tournament and up to team registration at the World Tournament. Players added must be within all existing ISC Roster, OOA and PRAWN limitation rules.


4.  Any team having more than two OOR (formerly OOA) pitchers must declare the teams two OOR World Tournament pitchers by July 15th to the Executive Director.  Excess OOR pitchers may accept a release and become available to any eligible team entering the ISC World Tournament.


5.  Begin a scholarship program next year for $500.00 per year from the proceeds of the Carrol Forbes Foundation fund. All applicants must come from ISC youth programs. Applicants for 2006 shall be awarded in 2007.  Contact CFF chairman Charlie Smith for details


6.  Out of Region (formerly OOA) fees are not refundable or transferable after June 1, the deadline for players to withdraw from OOR status.


7.  A Rookie of the Year award was approved but there is a pending motion to change this to the Kevin Herlihy Memorial Trophy - ISC Newcomer of the Year.


8.  A re-alignment proposal was approved which will impact both internal ISC structure and the method World and ISC II berths will be awarded.   It also impacts the former Out of Area defintions and places them on a Regional basis rather than an Area basis.  Full details of this will be provided shortly, hopefully within the next month.


Ken Hackmeister
Executive Director


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