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ISC II ToC Championship Game - ballparkradio is Back!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Server problems at Sportsjuice are preventing us from streaming ISC II Championship game at the moment ... we don't know when Sportsjuice will have this fixed.

(back on live at 7:40pm  CDT  -  B4)

Top 1 - Port Elgin
Darryl McKinnon singled
Ryan Dudgeon popped to 5th
Aaron Whitney ground out to second, McKinnon to 2nd
Mike Reiley struck out

Bottom 1 - K-W
Dan Mitchell struck out
Bob Gillow singled
Grant Baechler flied out to right
Brad Thomson struck out

Top 2
Brian Maas walked
Greg Thede doubled to left, scored Maas, Thede out at third
Troy Barfoot grounded out to third
Matt Turcotte grounded out to second

Bottom 2
Adam Hiller struck out
Travis Hoffstetter fly out to left
Ed Burkholder ground out to third

Brian Lants triple to right
Darryl McKinnon ground out to short
Ryan Dudgeon fly out to short center
Aaron Whitney ground out to short

Still Port 1 K-W 0

Pitching is Scott Smith for Port Elgin and Bryan Lathrop for K-W

B3 for K-W
Lyndon Grovum walked
Chad Wells SAC bunt, Grovum to second
Dan Mitchell infield single, Grovum to third
Bob Gillow popped up to short
Grant Baechler popped up to second

Still Port 1 K-W 0

T4 for Port Elgin
Mike Reiley flied out to left
Brian Maas ground out to short
Greg Thede line out to third

B4 for K-W
Thomson single - we are back on the air - please try connecting and let us know if you are getting the stream

Thomson singled
Adam Hiller grounds to pitcher, forces Thomson at second, Hiller on first, advances to second on wild pitch
Travis Hofstetter strikes out
Ed Burkeholder flies out to center - please log in for stream - won't send any more text updates - WE ARE ON THE AIR

2009 ISC II Tournament of Champions
August 18-22, 2009

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