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ISC II Wrap Up and Thank Yous

Monday, August 24, 2009
On behalf of the ISC II program, I want to take this opportunity tothank all of the teams, players, managers, coaches and fans for theiroutstanding play and sportsmanship this past week in Rock Island as the 2009 ISC II Tournament of Champions was a resounding success.

Thankyou to the Quad Cities Host Committee led by Joe Taylor, Lynn Hunt, Larry Koberg, Amie Stahler and all of the committee members for theirhard work and dedication in putting together such a wonderful group of volunteers.

The MVPs of the 2009 ToC are the Grounds Crew atthe Campbell Complex in Rock Island. Todd Winter and his crew of BradMuller, Jay Finn, Donald George, Austin Minson, Derrick Beckhart and Dustin Benore. Quite simply, we would not have completed this tournament without you. Thank you!

Our stats team does aterrific job all week and their efforts are second-to-none. Thank you to Hank DeWild, Hank DeWild Jr and Jim Johnson along with all of thevolunteer scorekeepers and announcers.

I also want to acknowledge the ISC II staff who do an absolutely tremendous job administering the ToC: Canada East Regional Commissioner Joe Todd, GameControllers Doug Bach, Mal Swift, Colin Smith, and Jeff Whetstone.

In the broadcast booth, I want to thank my broadcast partners on the Ballpark Radio crew of Lance Winn, Joe Todd, Jim Flanagan, Kyle Smith,Dave Weldin, Greg Hicks, Chad Honaker, Jodie Schnarr and all of the guests who ensure that the ISC II broadcasts are top notch. And a bigthank you to our sponsors who enable the broadcasts: Corbett’s Sourcefor Sports, The Mortgage Center, the AAU Tournament, Cutro ProfessionalInspections, Combat Sports Group, Stock Pack and Patriot Technologies.

Maddy Flanagan takes the best pictures in fastball and its a privilege to have you at the ToC – thank you so much for all of your efforts.

Finally,a big shout out to our ISC II Umpire-in-Chief Ken Vierling for assembling a terrific blue crew for the Tournament of Champions and to Lou Davis for stepping up to act as interim UiC in Ken’s absence. To all of our umpires – gentlemen, you did a great job – well done!

Lastly,congratulations to the Port Elgin Blue Devils on winning the 2009 ISCII Tournament of Champions. Port Elgin played with confidence, respectand pride and are a deserving champion.

We look forward to seeing you in Midland in 2010.

Best regards,
Blair Setford
ISC Canada East VP
ISC II Commissioner

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