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2007 ISC II Rules & Eligibility Changes

Wednesday, December 20, 2006
2007 ISC II Rules & Eligibility Changes
The International Softball Congress is announcing special operating rules for the 2007 season for the ISC II division.
For the 2007 season, following the completion of the Canada East regional qualifiers on June 24, teams from outside the Canada East region may sign one (1) pitcher from the Canada East region (defined as Ontario east of Thunder Bay, Quebec and the four Atlantic Canada provinces) provided that they remain in compliance with the ISC II out-of-region (OOR) rules which limit teams to a total of three (3) OOR players, only two (2) of whom can be pitchers. The signing deadline for this special cateogry is July 16, 2007. Fees and completed OOR forms must be mailed to ISC Executive Director Ken Hackmeister with a postmark no later than that date. Filing deadline for regular OOR players is May 1, 2007.
Restrictions on pickups of Canada East region pitchers will remain in place for 2007. Qualified or invited teams that have a pitcher on a restricted list cannot pick up any other pitcher from that list, but can pick up any other eligible pitcher. Qualified and invited teams from within the Canada East region that don’t have a pitcher on the restricted list may pick up one pitcher from the list if they choose to do so.
The restricted list will be released in the first quarter of 2007 following additional consultation with Canada East teams.
Also, ISC II teams are now permitted to sign two pitchers from the international region as OOR players. Previously, they had been limited to one. 
At this time, no changes are being made to the ISC II pitcher eligibility list, pending any appeals. The ISC will continue to monitor pitchers’ performance throughout 2007 and reserves the right to reclassify pitchers it deems to be above the caliber of the ISC II division.
The ISC also reminds all ISC II teams that the procedures for filing eligibility appeals are spelled out in the ISC II section of the ISC web site at The ISC II Ineligible Pitchers List can be found in the same section.
For further information, please contact:
Bob McGowan
ISC II Vice President
Canada East Vice President

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