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Millions of Hits in 2006!

Friday, January 12, 2007

5.4 Million Hits in Last Nine Months of 2006

5,396,347 - that’s the number of “hits” at during the last nine months of 2006.

That is an average of almost 600,000 hits per month although clearly the big month is August each year when the ISC World Tournament and the ISC II Tournament of Champions are held. However, there is always interesting reading on the ISC site any time of year.

2006 Hits
April                 161,755
May                 338,886
June                 395,368
July                  478,392
August              3,395,042
September        222,292
October           138,019
November        126,235
December        140,358

One of the best measurements of the growth is in what is referred to as “unique visitors”, which measures the number of different people (computers) visiting the site, as opposed to just the number of hits on the website.

2006 Unique visitors
April                 5,150
May                 9,073
June                 11,008
July                  12,502
August              35,354
September        8,101
October           5,789
November        4,974
December        5,029

96,980 unique visitors in past 9 months, for an average of 10,775 a month.

We humbly say “thank you” for your continued readership and loyalty to the ISC.

Al Doran
ISC Website Director

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