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ISC Saturday - 7pm - Championship Game

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Game  133 –    Jarvis Travelers at Chicago NY












Visiting Team


 1  0  0  4  0  0  0  5  7


Home Team

Chicago NY

 0  0  0  2  0  2  0  4  8


 game time is scheduled for 7pm

7:05PM National Anthems played, players introduced. Ready to go.

Don Scott starting for Jarvis

Andrew Kirkpatrick for Chicago NY

For the Blue,
Kevin Wallace on the dish, Lou Davis on first, Greg McCallum on third,
 Gary Johnson in left field, and Randy McLamb in right field

1-0 after a half inning

single by Casley with two out, Shannon out.

T-2 - 7:24pm

Hale singles, but remains stranded.

B-2 - 7:31pm

they go down 1-2-3

T-3 - 7:37pm  runners on 1st and 2nd, Fehrman caught looking, 2 LOB

B-3 - 7:44pm

 no one left on base

T-4 - 7:49pm

 runners on the corners with Sanford up, one out, Enoka walks to load the bases;

 Newton is warming up

Terkelsen at the plate, two out, bases loaded, blooper over third to make it a 3-0 ball game.

Newton is now pitching to replace Fitzpatrick.  two out, runners on 1st and 3rd - and its starting to rain, first time this week.

Shailes bloops one over 2b and its a 5-0 all game. Shailes on 1b with two out, rain starting,  Rona is up. Shailes picked off at 2b by Shannon.

 B-4 - 8:06pm

 1 out and Casley singles, Shannon singles but Casley out at 2b - rain may have stopped for now; La Hoz,

Shannon steals 2b; and La Hoz triples to deep lf - Patty Graham slipped on the grass; now a 5-1 game. Travis Wilson singles and drives in another run. a 3-2 game all of a sudden. Mullaley is up, grounds out to end the inning. rain only spitting say the cameramen in cf.

T-5 - 8:18pm

 Rona caught looking, Fehrman, lines to 1b; Hale, called strike three and Donnie stands there in protest.

B-5 - 8:24pm

 Brad Ezekeil flys out, Pukash, grounds to 1b; Ellsworth, grounds out.

T-6 - 8:29pm

Ryan Wolfe is back in to bat, hit to ss and out. Horn, out. Sanford, out.  NOTE: its Brandon Horn's 26th birthday today. So one of his team mates came up to tell us during the game!

B-6 - 8:33pm

Schultz strikes out; Casley singles up the middle. Santiago is running for Casley. Pat Shannon, slams one into the back lf corner to put runners on 2 and 3. and here comes the coach to talk to Don Scott. runners on 2 and 3, La Hoz the batter, caught looking for two out. Travis Wilson, blooper to rf and scores two runners and we have a 5-4 game with runner on 1b. Mark Johnson will run for Wilson. Mulalley, out.  end of the inning. but new score.

T-7 - 8:49pm

 Enoka, gets one past Schultz for a single.  Terkelsen, singles and Enoka caught in a run down when he slipped. Shailes, singles but Terkelsen out at 2nd. Rona, walks.

 Fehrman with runners on 1st and 2nd and two men out, grounds to 2ndout at 1b.

B-7 - 8:59pm

 Mulley, who appears to be batting out of order. Brad Ezekeil was announced but Mullaley batted, singled. now Ezekeil is up for real. strikes out.

 EXPLANATION: Mulalley was up at bat last inning but the out was on a runner.

 Pukash, strikes out. Ellsworth, grounds to 3b, out at 1b to end the game.  9:07pm and this game is over - 5 to 4 for Jarvis over Chicago NY


 9:15pm - Individual and Team Presentations

 9:27pm - Awards - we have posted the individual and team awards


We were informed after the game and the awards that Don Scott of Jarvis lost his grandfather today. Our condolences go out to Donnie and his family.








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