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WT Umpire Pool Notice

Sunday, October 2, 2011
October 1, 2011
Attention:  Blue Crew
The ISC Umpire Committee has changed how they do business.  No longer will one pool application be held forever. 
For an umpire to be considered to umpire in a World Tournament they must submit a pool application for the year that the umpire is interested in working.
If anyone is interested in working the World Tournament, in any specific year, they must submit a pool application, through e-mail, to the ISC UIC and the ISC Umpire Committee Chairman between September 1st and January 15 th prior to the year that the umpire is interested in working a WT.  For example: To work the WT in 2012 submit between September 1, 2011 and January 15, 2012.  The correct e-mail addresses are also on the pool application.
This change has become necessary because of the number of pool umpires who have changed their e-mail address, are no longer umpiring senior competitive ball, have made alternative family plans during the WT dates or some who are no longer umpiring.
Attached is a new pool application.  Please copy to your Word file.  Fill out the application using your cursor rather than the enter button.  Save the file and send it to Les and myself as an attachment.
You can also access this pool application by going to the ISC website and clicking on rules and forms.
If you have any questions please let me know.
Bruce Bierman

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