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New Way to Get All the ISC News Items

Monday, November 26, 2012

We wanted to let you know that all of our sites now possess auto-discovery of the RSS newsfeeds.

For example, if fol ks want to access the ISCFASTPITCH newsfeed, they can simply point their news readers to They no longer have to hunt for the orange XML button and then explicitly click on it to get to the newsfeed nor have to copy the button link into their feed readers (although this option of course still works).

If folks are using the Internet Explorer web browser to access the newsfeed, they’ll now see an option for the newsfeed from the drop-down menu when they click on feeds icon using alsfastball as an example, just be sure to select


If folks are using the Firefox web browser to access the newsfeed, they’ll now see an option to “Subscribe to This Page” under the Bookmarks menu option and select


With auto-discovery in place this also makes it a lot easier for other sites to add our newsfeed to their sites.

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