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New Video Compilations from the 2013 ISC World Tournament now available

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


New Video Compilations from the 2013 ISC World Tournament now available

September 10, 2013 - The International Softball Congress is excited to announce the premiere of three new video compilations from the 2013 ISC World Tournament.

Filmed, edited and produced by the ISC Network's Lance Winn, the theme for the lead video, featured on the home page of the ISC website at, revolves around the action throughout the week, including plenty of clips from the thrilling 2013 ISC Championship Game, and also features great footage of the terrific ISC fan base.

Additional compilations (2) are showcased on the 2013 World Tournament page on the website and document individual team and player highlights in one video while the other focuses on our passion-filled fans for whom we are forever in debt for their fantastic support.

The ISC thanks Lance for his fantastic work in capturing the enthusiasm of the players, umpires and fans and making the viewer feel like you were there to experience the excitement of the 2013 ISC World Tournament.

Make sure you make your plans now to attend the 2014 ISC World Tournament in Kitchener, Ontario August 9-17 and see it for yourself!

Joe Todd
ISC V-P Communications
Ingersoll, Ontario

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