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ISC/ASA Pitcher Development Status Release

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
One month into the joint ASA/ISC Pitcher Development program, we’re happy to report what appears to be an overwhelming success. On May 15th, USA Softball National Teams Director Ronnie Isham and ISC Executive Director Ken Hackmeister made the initial announcement on various softball related websites. Since that time, 26 individuals have signed up for the program. Those who have submitted applications range from age 6 to 28 and hail from all over the USA. Breakdowns of those who are now part of the program are as follows:
By Age:
Age 6-10:         2
Age 11-15:       6
Age 16-20:       9
Age 20-30:       9
By State:
MO:     5
MI:       4
MN:     3
NM:     3
MD:     2
CA:      2
IA:       1
OH:      1
KS:      1
SD:      1
PA:      1
MS:      1
CT:      1
The ASA and ISC would like to thank all those that have applied thus far and want to extend this invitation to any other male under the age of 30 who is interested in developing as a pitcher. Students have the opportunity to work with USA Jr. Men’s National Team Pitching Coach Gary Mullican or former USA National Team pitcher Michael White. The program at this time is strictly a video analysis program. Applicants will be asked to submit a videotape every 30-60 days, depending on age and skill level.   One of the two Instructors will then evaluate the video and make corrections/suggestions, which will be communicated back to the applicant. The Instructors will also supply the applicant with drills that will help to improve their overall mechanics. This program is open to players of all skill levels, from raw beginners to more advanced pitchers. There is no cost for the program other than normal postage cost to submit the video. Funding for the program is being provided jointly by the ASA and ISC. For more information, please contact the program administrator, Scott Standerfer, at

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