Tuesday, August 4, 2015
ISC Residency Rule


a. PLAYERS OUTSIDE AREA - If a player wishes to play in an ISC area and/or travel league outside of his geographic area of residence whether that area be under ISC jurisdiction or not, he must file a letter of intent with ISC headquarters by May 1 annually. This letter must be accompanied by a check or money order in the appropriate amount $(US). Upon approval of the letter of intent by the ISC Executive Director, the out-of-area player will be bound to that team for the entire season and cannot play in ISC programs in his or any other area or travel league until the following season.

Team rosters for all ISC play shall be restricted to the same two (2) out of area pitchers for the entire season. Pitcher is defined as any player on an 18-man roster who pitches in any ISC competition.

Approved out-of-area players are eligible to be picked up by the approved area or travel league champion for ISC World Tournament play.

Notification of approved out-of area players will be made to the proper commissioners by the Executive Director.

Approved out-of-area players must play in their approved area tournament and/or travel league to be eligible for World Tournament play. In the case of travel league teams, approved out-of-area players must play in at least six games (exceptions must be approved by the ISC Executive Director) to be eligible for World Tournament play. Teams with predetermined berths to the ISC World Tournament (defending champions and host team) are exempt from the six-game travel league rule. 

If a player signs a letter of intent and does not play in the approved area by June 1, he can notify the ISC Executive Director for a withdrawal of his letter of intent.

b. AREA PLAYERS - Other than players approved in 9a (above), all players must maintain primary residence and be available for legal employment, as of May 1 in the area governing the team with which a player competes. A temporary residence does not qualify as a primary residence. Transfer of employment to another area is acceptable until June 15 of the current season.

Any player moving to another area or travel league after May 1 of the current year and wishing to play in an ISC tournament or travel league shall make it known and be approved by the ISC Executive Director no later than June 15. This rule shall also apply to player changes for the host team and the defending champions. It shall be the responsibility of both the commissioner and the player to get a clearance before playing with another team after moving to another area or travel league. All commissioners shall receive a list of players who have been approved to play for another team after having moved to another area or travel league. The Executive Committee shall make the decision, and in no case shall anyone play if not approved by June 15.

c. TEAMS - No team may participate in an area tournament other than its own without the mutual consent of both affected area commissioners.

Out of Area Fee Schedule:

The first three Out of Area players per team, will be assessed $100 each. Additional Out of Area players on each team, beyond three, will be assessed $300 each.

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