Monday, July 27, 2015
Prawn Rules


   A PRAWN that plays in more than one tournament for a team prior to the World Tournament, but is not included on that team’s roster for the ISC World Tournament, and does not participate for any other team in the World Tournament, will have his PRAWN status extended for one additional year.  
For 2011 and beyond, teams will be limited to five (5) PRAWN players (combination of 1 pitcher and position players), plus age-related exceptions that have been named All-World in the last 3 years — only one of which may be a pitcher, regardless of which position the pitcher was named as PRAWN. Teams are still limited to 2 OOR pitchers for the season. All teams must name their PRAWNs to the Executive Director by May 1 each year. 
If a non-PRAWN player or players makes an All-World team in the current year, that team will be allowed to carry that player or players until such time that a PRAWN player leaves the team or drops out of the 3-year criterion. If a player makes All-World  while with Team A and they have 6 current PRAWN players (5 beginning in 2011 and beyond), then Team A would be able to carry 7 until one of the 7 leaves the team (or they fall outside of the 3-year boundary), then they will only be allowed 6 (5 beginning in 2011 and beyond) for the following year.
The exception does not apply for the one PRAWN pitcher stipulation.
PRAWN Restrictions: All players who make All World at any position other than Pitcher will be listed as such and will not be counted as a pitcher in a team's PRAWN count.
Revised May 29, 2013

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